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How I Created More Time

There is a zen saying that used to really get under my skin: “If you can’t find the time to meditate for one hour each day, you need to meditate for two hours each day.” Ugh. Seriously? I used to be a person who had no time. My day was fully scheduled with meetings, deliverables, volunteer activities, responsibilities to my family and children and “self-care” activities (which often felt more obligatory than Read more...

Pessimistic about Paris? Here’s a trick for making good group decisions

This past weekend my husband woke up with a start. Sliding his eye mask off his face and blinking at the morning light he immediately noticed that I was about 4 inches from his face and staring at him intently. “Good morning,” he said sleepily, “Can I help you?” “I found tickets to Paris in the mid-600’s,” I said, “I think we should go.” For Read more...

Healing Career Heartbreaks

Here’s a little secret no one tells you - even careers you love can break your whole dang heart. The goal of my business - as a career coach, trainer and facilitator - is to help people design careers that they love. But the reason for my business is that our work lives can be so thoroughly confounding, challenging, depleting and sometimes heartbreaking. Have YOU Read more...

“Your newsletters are inspirational and informational. This last one struck a nerve for me! I really like how you shared your action steps for how to make your process work for you.”

Jana Paradiso, Client

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