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How DiSC® Can Supercharge Your Project Kickoff

Has your team ever lost steam midway through an important project? Thoughtful project kickoffs can be crucial for sustaining successful teamwork. Why? Kickoffs lay out the basic information that teams need to know in order to be successful. Including: → The scope and goals of the project; → The timeline and key milestones; → How responsibilities will be shared; → How decisions will be Read more...

Onboarding A New Employee When Your Team Uses DiSC®

Can you remember your BEST onboarding experience? What about your WORST? Recently, a coaching client shared this nightmare of an experience: “There was no onboarding at all. Getting information and meeting people was completely on me. For weeks they promised the office space would be ready for me. But when I arrived - it was full of the previous employee’s clutter. My boyfriend and Read more...

Turn BAD Meetings Into GREAT Meetings For Each DiSC® Style

In my DiSCovering DiSC® workshop - nearly every skit (or panel discussion) created by various DiSC® styles includes a comic send up of BAD MEETINGS. D’s skewer the dreaded icebreaker that has NO relevance to work tasks or results. ⚡ S’s embody the frustration of being silenced and overlooked in a meeting and leaving with no clear instructions on how to proceed. 😶 C’s Read more...

Why Two Different Companies Chose DiSC® Workshops For Their Teams

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with four different leaders to learn why they chose to bring DiSC® to their company retreats and off-sites. Here are their stories: Wyld When I joined forces with Natasha and Rick at Wyld, a cannabis company, they were looking to build the skills of their sales leaders and increase their ability to collaborate remotely. Read more...

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