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What sets my training and workshops apart?

  • Professional: I value professionalism and carefully prepare for each training while also inviting fun, flexibility and interaction with audiences.
  • Warm: My warmth, enthusiasm and sense of humor translate well both in-person and remotely creating a comfortable environment for learning and sharing.
  • Engaging: I have a knack for finding creative ways to demystify complicated scientific concepts including: metaphors, analogies, mnemonics, stories, images and/or frameworks.
  • Growth Oriented: Growth mindset is a through-line in my life as a professional, activist, volunteer, community member, wife and parent. I actively seek feedback so that I can improve my presentation, facilitation and listening skills.
  • Evidence-Based: Did I mention that I’m a social scientist? I regularly geek out on scientific articles exploring social psychology of leadership, persuasion, raising children, social and political change and happiness.
Training & Workshops
Training & Workshops
Training & Workshops

The reviews are in…

Bobbie Stewart, Mercy Corps NW

“Kate has a keen expertise with curriculum development and her dedication to producing excellent content is evident in her work. The advanced Entrepreneur Development course was exactly what’s needed to help the business owner increase their business acumen and skill for operating a business from start up into the growth stage. Kate delivered every critical aspect of the training course requested and her creative approach of designing a workbook was more than what was expected.”

Bobbie Stewart, Mercy Corps NW

Examples of trainings I have designed & delivered in the past year:

Client: Women of Nike – The Women’s Career Pillar

Subject: Panic Free Pitching

Deliverable: 60-minute workshop on giving a compelling and succinct career pitch with take-home workbook.

Client: Code for America

Subject: Digital Mindfulness

Deliverable: 60-minute workshop on setting healthy boundaries with technology with take home “top 7 steps” menu

Client: Mercy Corps Northwest

Subject: Small Business Entrepreneurship

Deliverable: Four 3-hour modules on entrepreneurship complete with a trainers manual and student workbook.

Client: Portland Executive Assembly

Subject: Cultivating Healthy Workplaces

Deliverable: A one-hour workshop on preventing, recognizing and treating burnout in workplaces – complete with a workbook for team leaders.

This is me delivering a training on 3-minute mindfulness on my YouTube Channel.

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