Radically Change

“Form follows function.”

—Louis Sullivan (American Architect)

Retreats can radically transform how teams function by increasing connection, aligning around shared vision, reducing tension & misunderstanding and setting common goals. I love working with diverse teams to materialize a bold vision. Let’s explore what kinds of transformational experiences might help your team reach the next level.

In our initial intake we will:

  • Explore the team’s challenges, needs and goals;
  • Align on a vision for a powerful retreat;
  • Identify the general tools and activities that will produce the most powerful results.

If you want to lay the groundwork for a transformative team experience, let’s talk.

Team Facilitation
facilitate and lead sessions

Would a group you work with benefit from:

  • Greater trust, cohesion and a sense of belonging;

  • Alignment around key values and the capacity to operationalize them in your work;

  • Improved skills around communication, listening and productive conflict;

  • Increased leadership capacity across a range of roles & positions;

I lead experiences that:

  • Increase clarity and trust among group members
  • Reframe challenges as opportunities for growth
  • Transform conflicts into opportunities clarity and realignment
  • Inspire new visions for group collaboration and collective success
  • Increase engagement, productivity and accountability
Topics include: Change Management, Remote Work, Courageous Conversations, Leadership, Strategic Planning, Facilitation, Design Thinking
Cherine Badawi at Thrive Consulting

“Kate is a brilliant and creative thought partner and strategist. Her ideas, energy, results-oriented drive and inspirational leadership were foundational to our success in bringing together dozens of diverse leaders to co-vision and align on a set of bold new strategies for our organizational space. I was particularly struck with her ability to navigate complexity, consider and design process around the needs and interests of a very diverse group of stakeholders, and manage conflict when it arose. I recommend her without hesitation.”

Cherine Badawi at Thrive Consulting

Transformation By Design Case Studies

In 2018, as an independent consultant to Planned Parenthood Federation of America, I led a led a cross-departmental initiative to reduce abortion stigma throughout the Federation.

Attendees: 30 + leaders across the Federation.

Outcomes: Established and maintained an intranet site to share training, resources and research; Trained over 500 staff to identify and disrupt stigma in their day-to-day activities.

Between 2015 and 2016, I co-designed and co-led the Stigma Measurement Working Group.

Attendees: Researchers from Harvard, UCSF, UC Davis, UMich, Ibis, Ipas, Conway Strategic, STB Foundation, IPPF, University of Alabama and more.

Goal: To get a field-wide understanding of stigma measurement; Identify concerns and areas of need for measurement; develop recommendations for research and practice.

Outcomes: A summary report of the findings from the meeting; A listserv for attendees to use for sharing information; New research partnerships.

Between 2016-2018 I co-designed and co-led (along with SisterSong, Advocates for Youth and CoreAlign) the Culture Change Strategy.

Attendees: 20 movement leaders from Planned Parenthood, NARAL, SisterSong, CoreAlign, Advocates for Youth, NNAF and more.

Format: 3 Two-day retreats over two years + working groups with monthly meetings;

Outcomes: A website sharing 6 key strategies for stigma reduction as well as a shared vision for transforming abortion stigma; A campaign to raise awareness about the vision for change that engaged 160 organizations across the globe to endorse the shared platform.

In 2013, co-designed and co-facilitated (along with colleagues at Ipas) the first-ever international meeting on abortion stigma in Bellagio, Italy.

Attendees: Twenty international scholars, practitioners and advocates from six continents.

Goal: To explore the role of stigma social, medical, and legal marginalization of abortion around the world, and to identify a pathway for collective and global measurement and action.

Results: A special issue of Women & Health committed to theory & research on abortion stigma (I was an co-editor); Establishment of The International Network for the Reduction of Abortion Discrimination and Stigma (inroads) which now has 1700 member activists and organizations from 109 countries.

Kate Cockrill Portland Oregon Career Coaching
Team Facilitation
Team Facilitation

Transform Yourself, Transform your Team, Transform the World

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