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Leadership Transformation Coach Kate Cockrill A little about me…

My career started with a vision to change the world into a more inclusive, fair and healthy place for all people.

After getting a Master’s in Public Health from UC Berkeley, my career journey allowed me to move through a range of industries healthcare advocacy, to academic research, to nonprofit leadership and later consulting and facilitation.

I think of myself as a practitioner (facilitator, coach and trainer) – who helps a wide range of companies and organizations achieve their boldest visions through powerful team development, leadership development and career coaching.

I specialize in working with:

  1. Organizations and companies that are leading the charge for progress;
  2. Leaders that seek to sustain themselves as they navigate perpetual change;
  3. Individuals who are ready for change and need support, strategy and guidance.

I bring the listening skills & growth mindset of a coach, the motivation and optimism of an entrepreneur and the analytic skills of a social scientist. I am committed to creating equitable, just, and inclusive environments in every engagement, ensuring that my clients and their teams feel heard, valued, and empowered.

I am a certified DiSC® and Five Behaviors® practitioner through Wiley, an Associate Certified Coach through International Coaching Federation.

I have also received leadership training and certification through:

Cherine Badawi at Thrive Consulting

“Kate is a brilliant and creative thought partner and strategist. I was particularly struck with her ability to navigate complexity, consider and design process around the needs and interests of a very diverse group of stakeholders, and manage conflict when it arose. Her ideas, energy, results-oriented drive and inspirational leadership were foundational to our success.”

Cherine Badawi at Thrive Consulting

How can we design careers where we can thrive without giving up on our values and passion?

I sought mentorship & training from experts and effective social justice and social enterprise leaders, I became certified in transformational coaching (Leadership That Works), facilitative leadership (Interaction Institute for Social Change and Rockwood Leadership Institute) and change management (APMG).

I have learned the key strategies to help professionals and leaders, who care about making a difference, design careers where they can thrive.

I’ve worked with dozens of coaching clients to design careers where they can THRIVE by:

  1. Pursuing their passion without sacrificing their well-being;
  2. Maintaining focus on the essential so they can make progress on their goals;
  3. Naming and understanding their experiences with oppression to help heal themselves and the world;
  4. Cultivating mindfulness, gratitude and presence with themselves and others;
  5. Create abundance and financial security for themselves and the people they love.

I’ve worked with businesses, foundations and nonprofits to:

  1. Create healthy workplaces that are resilient to burnout.
  2. Establish policies and practices that promote healthy feedback and employee growth;
  3. Name and actively dismantle systems of oppression including white supremacy, ableism, homophobia and transphobia;
  4. Build sustainable partnerships and coalitions to forward progressive change.

Here’s how I Thrive:

  1. Caring for myself and my time.
  2. Using my gifts to help people improve their lives and careers.
  3. Showing up for my people & my community.
  4. Standing up for my values.

“I was drawn to Kate because of how her own career was so values and mission aligned – a benchmark which I aspire to. She coached me through a shift from freelance to full time work and helped me to be rooted in my values.”

Elana Hutter, Executive Producer at R/GA Ventures

Quote from Elana Hutter, Executive Producer at R/GA Ventures

What’s the secret?

Career Coach Kate Cockrill

When things get out of balance, I’ve learned to ask for help & show up willing to change.

Navigating transition is familiar territory for me. My family moved 14 times before I turned 18 – so I learned at a young age the joy and pain of being the new kid on the block. Novelty, excitement, adventure and experimentation on the one hand, but on the other being that new kid in the lunchroom with a tray full of food and nowhere to sit.

Even the changes we are running towards with open arms can get uncomfortable pretty quick. So when I work with coaching clients and teams I strive to create a sense of safety and possibility, especially those who feel they are new to the party or on the outside trying to break in. This creates a foundation for the growth and courage that helps people thrive in their lives and at work.

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