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Executive Coaching

You play a valuable role, but is it worth the stress?

Can you remember a time when you weren’t struggling with workforce burnout, staffing shortages or responding to a crisis?

Leaders at all levels of experience can experience chronic stress. This can affect your strategy, team morale and productivity and importantly your own ability to thrive.

Given the number of decisions and changes that leaders have navigated in the past few years, it can be hard to remember who we are and what we’re capable of when we are managing stress well – as individuals and within our organizations and businesses.


Are you ready for the kind of coaching that will help you THRIVE as a leader?

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Through my executive coaching package you will:

  • Deepening self-awareness and self-trust.

  • Creating specific and motivating visions to lead their teams.

  • Letting go of mindsets and habits that no longer work.

  • Sustaining healthy boundaries as they pursue goals inside and outside of work.

I help leaders get to the heart of what matters so they can navigate change, break through barriers and stretch into new levels of performance, success and satisfaction.

Package Includes:

  • A 360-Evaluation to identify areas for growth and improvement
  • Personality typing using the Enneagram
  • 6 1-hour private coaching sessions (taken weekly or bi-weekly)
  • 6 personalized session summaries with access to additional resources (eg. podcasts, articles, books, video tutorials)
  • Customized homework assignments for each step of the journey

Package Cost: $3000

Executive Coaching

“Kate’s coaching is exceptional. She helped me bring awareness to my thought patterns, intention to my choices, and lift up essential goals that I can really focus on. I finished with a sense of accomplishment and renewed motivation.”

Chris Barnes, Principal and Owner, Emphatic Communications

Chris Barnes, Principal and Owner, Emphatic Communications

If you are looking to grow your impact as a leader, let’s talk.

Topics include: Burnout Prevention, Strategic Planning, Board Management & Development, Managing High performing teams, Courageous Conversations, Leading Organizational Change, Executive Transitions

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