DiSCover DiSC® with Kate

Could a deeper understanding of your team’s unique strengths and preferences improve their overall performance? 🔎

Over the years, my experiences leading and facilitating teams introduced me to two basic truths. To be successful: we need to be both self-aware…and aware of each other. Especially in remote and hybrid environments. That’s why I have begun working with teams using DiSC®. 🌟

The four-quadrant and incredibly simple-to-understand DiSC® tool (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness) enables individuals to identify deep insights about themselves, their motivations, aggravations and priorities. It also help teams to become more conscious of one another so they can resolve tension, align on solutions and achieve incredible results. 💯

What I love about DiSCovering DiSC® is – it’s not just another training session; it’s a journey towards uncovering your team’s true potential. 🗺️

Teams that use DiSC® can expect:

  • Simplicity: DiSC® is incredibly intuitive and easy to understand. A half-day workshop provides enough information for teams to gain competency in the framework and apply it for improved communication and collaboration. ✅
  • Engagement: No one likes dull content. DiSCovering DiSC® workshops are highly interactive, filled with practical exercises, group discussions, and real-life scenarios. Teams will laugh, make meaningful connections and begin to identify new ways to work together for results. 🤝
  • Connection: Beyond individual growth, the workshop fosters deeper understanding and powerful relationships among team members. This improves overall dynamics and capacity to navigate challenges and change. 💬
  • Lasting Impact: Learning and exploration doesn’t end with a workshop. DiSC® results are accessible on a web-based, self-guided and interactive system (Hello, Catalyst™!)  Teams and individuals can continue to learn and grow together through self-guided learning and team-building activities in their regular staff meetings or project kick-offs. 📈

Interested in learning more about how the DiSCovering DiSC® Workshop can benefit your team?

I’d love to walk you through what’s possible. Set up a DiSCovery Session here.

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About the Author: Kate Cockrill

A little about me... I am a social scientist, facilitator, and professional coach. Through my business: Kate Cockrill Coaching, I support mission driven managers and directors with 1:1 career coaching, leadership coaching, team workshops, and retreat design. My clients include leaders in healthcare, education, research and social innovation.

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