One of the main reasons my business clients choose DiSC® is because they know that effective communication on a team is paramount to their success.

That’s why I’m thrilled to share that the Get Advice tool on Everything DiSC® on Catalyst™ is now live. Get Advice is designed to address communication challenges and foster positive interactions.

This innovative feature combines DiSC® with personalized insights and practical strategies, to empower learners navigate complex interpersonal situations with confidence.

Goodbye, awkward conversations—Hello, better communication!

How does it work?

The Get Advice feature is available within each learner’s Catalyst profile:

  • From the Catalyst homepage, click on the Get Advice tile.
  • Select your topic: Connecting, Collaborating, Getting Buy-In, or Managing Tension.
  • Search for the colleague you want to understand better.
  • Review the personalized insights and tips.
  • Take action—and achieve your goals!

As you explore the new Get Advice feature, I’d love to hear your thoughts, experiences, and any “aha” moments you may encounter and let me know how your next meeting goes!

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About the Author: Kate Cockrill

A little about me... I am a social scientist, facilitator, and professional coach. Through my business: Kate Cockrill Coaching, I support mission driven managers and directors with 1:1 career coaching, leadership coaching, team workshops, and retreat design. My clients include leaders in healthcare, education, research and social innovation.

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